Organize Your Own Poverty Challenge

Run the full Challenge

Your organization can recreate The Poverty Challenge in your community! The creators of The Poverty Challenge in Kingston, Ontario have created THE POVERTY CHALLENGE TOOLKIT, A FREE ONLINE RESOURCE which will guide your group through the organizational steps and provide templates to replicate Kingston’s Poverty Challenge with your own modifications.

Download the TPC Toolkit.

Download the TPC Appendix, with editable document templates.


Run a mini version of the Challenge

If you wish to present a shorter version of The Poverty Challenge as an educational experience for a community group, politicians or university classes, download the agenda and evaluation for an abbreviated version of this event.

This agenda is for a two hour event for approximately 100 adults, but more could be accommodated if sufficient space is available.  Seventy percent of the participants will play the role of someone living in poverty and the remaining thirty percent will play the role of an employee at a social service agency. In this way the number of volunteers is dramatically reduced. Note that this mini version is NOT RECOMMENDED for high school students because it is too difficult for them to command the power of the agency employees in the short training period available.

Five or six Poverty Experts will be in attendance and 8 or 10 volunteers are needed as facilitators.

Reduce the number of challenges for each profile from 6 to 4 and modify the agency scripts to reflect fewer clients and fewer challenges.

Refer to the toolkit for a full day Poverty Challenge for an explanation of each of the components.

At the completion of the Challenge, all those playing the role of a particular profile will meet, joined by agency employees who have been pre-assigned to this group.  At this meeting, the participants will be introduced to the real person whose personal challenges formed the basis of the profile.  As in the long version of The Poverty Challenge, this encounter will be surprising, powerful and memorable.