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What is The Poverty Challenge?

The Poverty Challenge is an intensive one-day summit on poverty for high school students. This event provides experiential learning about living in poverty and poverty reduction.


The Poverty Challenge: Thursday, May 29, 2014

Registration details available here.

The organizers of The Poverty Challenge are pleased to announce the return of the original Poverty Challenge, one designed for high school students. This will be our 5th annual event and it will take place in McArthur Hall at Queen’s University.

Return to our website for photos and videos documenting the event.


Experience poverty as it is

by assuming the role of a person living in poverty in Kingston with particular challenges and responsibilities. For example, you are a single mother of 3. After losing your  job, you are evicted from your apartment. Your challenges are to feed your family, find alternative housing, and seek a job or  support from Ontario Works.

Navigate the system in a real-world simulation

by seeking help from local agencies. Do your best to succeed by providing the necessary answers, information and documentation. If you are not successful, you must find another way for you and your family to survive.

Become an agent of social change

by acting on what you have learned.















You can reach The Poverty Challenge at

Experience poverty as it is